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Steve the ThinkerSteve’s keen intellect is well known within his feline circle of friends.  It didn't take long before we noticed that Steve was somehow different from other cats we have known.  He seemed to take an unusually intense interest in the Science Channel, often dropping his stuffed mouse and becoming totally absorbed in the programming - particularly programs relating to planetary science and cosmology.

He often sits on our lap while we are typing at the computer, assimilating everything that appears on the screen.  His favorite mouse possesses a blue and white checked pattern, showing a strong preference for binary code.

Steve was drawn to books at a very early age.  A couple of days after coming into our home Steve started hanging out around the book shelves – getting into our books in ways that we had never imagined.  He enjoys getting lost in a good book, often falling asleep amidst a mountain of them.

Steve is also never afraid to voice his opinion.....even at two o'clock in the morning!

We are constantly taking note of Steve's reactions to topics, and have decided to start logging them here. This list will be constantly expanding......just like Steve's Universe.

Time Dilation

Remarkable resemblence - a bizzare twist on the twin paradox...

One of Albert Einstein's greatest insights was realizing that time is relative. It speeds up or slows down depending on how fast one thing is moving relative to something else. Einstein came up with an interesting example to show the effects of time dilation that he called the "twin paradox."  Consider a pair of twin brothers.  One twin travels on a spaceship at near the speed of light and the other stays behind on Earth.  When the space traveling twin returns to Earth he discovers that his brother has aged 60 years, yet he has only aged 10. 

Steve explains that this theory should actually be credited to Einstein's cat. Einstein merely observed the well known fact that 7 cat years are equal to 1 human year. Additionally, one only has to observe a cat sitting on the couch while his keeper darts around the house doing "human things" to understand the whole relative motion thing.

Darwinian Evolution


It seems to have worked.  Cats now sit at the pinnacle of the evolutionary process.

Life Beyond Earth


Steve is on the fence with this one.  Mathematically the odds seem overwhelming, but the thought of any other life in the Universe being as intelligent as cats seems totally unlikely.

Exploration of Mars

Mars Exploration Rover

Steve closely follows the Mars Exploration Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, and is genuinely excited about the new Space Exploration Initiative.  Steve hopes to see the first paw prints on Mars in his lifetime.

More coming soon!

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